SystemScrub Secure cleaning Security for Windows

SystemScrub – Keeping your PC private and clean
Unnecessary files are removed automatically with SystemScrub! You will find that you can recover hundreds of megabytes of data daily! Instead of buying a whole new hard disk – keep the one you have clean of files you dont need. Clean temp files, last run files, last viewed documents – you name it, SystemScrub will clean it.

Credit card data, surfing history, personal information and cookies are all stored on your PC! Get rid of them as-you-surf with SystemScrub! Anybody can just turn on your computer and find this data in your history – make sure they can’t with SystemScrub. Take the guesswork out of knowing which files you should save, and which you should not.

By keeping your system clean – the space the unwanted files took up is now yours to use. Some users report freeing up hundreds of megabytes of space every day by using SystemScrub.

Since your computer will not have to keep track of these unneeded files, your computer will be faster! Save money and time – instead of upgrading hardware, use SystemScrub to keep your computer clean and speedy.


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