TerminatorX Security Related Security for Windows

Block messengers, block file sharing, block MySpace, block gambling on networks or local host
TerminatorX is a software that helps you block acces to unwanted programs or website for certain users.

TerminatorX runs invisibly on network workstations or home computers and detects banned programs and web sites. Any found just disappear from the screen.

TerminatorX can also block proxy sites and anonymous surfing, block Yahoo Messenger, block AIM Messenger, block Web Messengers, block LimeWire, block eBay, block myspace, Block YouTube, block chat, block gambling sites – there are over 220 choices available.
Here are some key features of “TerminatorX Site License”:

· Block different sets of programs for different types of users.
· Stop single-user games
· Block unwanted web sites
· Block newer versions of LimeWire etc. which swap port numbers and even use port 80 – the normal web page port


· 28 days trial

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