TrustPort Internet Gateway Security Related Security for Windows

Complete protection for company networks, Mail gateway, Web Gateway, Gateway AV
The TrustPort Internet Gateway provides complete protection for your company networks.

Most threats which company networks face come from web pages or incoming e-mails. TrustPort Net Gateway will not allow these threats to reach your company servers and workstations, because they are stopped directly at the network entry point.

The program supervises all communication between the company networks and the Internet. It prevents unauthorized attempts to access the network from the outside, blocks spam, and attacks on servers.

Also implements antivirus and antispam monitoring of web sites and all downloaded documents. This robust solution is built on a large volume of transferable data.

Mail Gateway
Accepts e-mails and liquidates unwanted or infected messages. This means that company network protection is maximized against harmful malicious codes, and the burden on e-mail severs from unwanted communications is minimized.

In the first phase, a high percentage of spam is revealed by using authentication of the sender’s data. In the second phase, antivirus and antispam scanning of e-mails is implemented. In the third phase, spam is detected based on text and graphical analysis reports. All e-mail traffic is also stored incase of necessary analysis, or if any lost messages are needed for tracing.

Web Gateway
Protects end stations in the network against downloaded viruses from websites. The actual page is scanned along with other downloaded documents. The module also detects fraudulent websites which have been set for the purpose of phishing, and tasks associated with the authorization of users and monitoring of access to the network are also managed. Optionally allows the restricting of access to selected website categories.

Gateway Antivirus
This common module uses both prior modules to detect all kinds of malicious codes. It is based on several scanning engines from known antivirus manufacturers. Individual engines can be used for different scanning tasks, according to the specific needs of the company network. For a timely response to all the latest risks, regular automatic virus sample updates are carried out.

Here are some key features of “TrustPort Internet Gateway”:

· Antivirus and antispyware
· Elimination of spam
· Preventing against phishing
· User authentication
· E-mail back up
· Monitoring network traffic
· Web Filtering
· Manageable web interface


· Intel Pentium IV
· 1 GB of RAM
· 10 GB free disk space
· IE 6.0/higher
· Mozilla Frirefox 2.0/higher


· 60 days trial for TrustPort Internet Gateway and 30 days trial for TrustPort Antivirus

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