Unnecessary Files Secure cleaning Security for Windows

Unnecessary Files – Find and delete unnecessary files and folders
Unnecessary Files (UF) is a program for finding and deleting unnecessary files and folders on your computer, consequently restoring hard-drive space and keeping your system running smoother.

Such files may include those created by internet activity, installation programs or by applications for storing temporary data. After time these files build up, wasting disk space and this can impede disk drive performance, lead to superfluous disk fragmentation, and even cause some applications to function improperly. Use Unnecessary Files to safely delete these files and recover megabytes of HDD space


· The “Tools” can be used but modifications will be disabled until you register.
· Unnecessary Files is limited to the number of times you can use it (30). After this time if you want to continue using the program you must make a payment to receive a full license, registration name and key.
· Unnecessary Files will only process the first five selected plug-ins until registered.

Everything else is fully functional, it will find and delete unnecessary files/folders.

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