VBSecure Security Related Security for Windows

Allows you to protect private and sensitive data from potential unauthorized access.
VBSecure is an all-in-one compression, security, and software registration control for all of your Visual Basic and .net applications. Just add this ActiveX control to your project and you’re set.

Use ZIP technology in your application for compressing and uncompressing
Encrypt files using Blowfish encryption, offering your end-users the security they need.

The user can create a sophisticated software registration system that can be used to register his/hers software with one easy call.

Compress all kinds of data without loss of information. Control the compression factor or add a password. We know our customers want things done fast. You can now have robust, highly efficient data compression, encryption and archiving all in one control.

Need powerful encryption? VBSecure uses Blowfish as its main encryption engine, allowing you to protect private and sensitive data from potential unauthorized access.

Here are some key features of “VBSecure”:

· Compress and Uncompress using ZIP Technology
· Encrypt and Decrypt using Blowfish technology
· Create sophisticated registration code
· Light weight OCX for speed and size
· VBSecure has no runtime libraries


· CPU : Pentium – 133Mhz (minimum)
· Memory : 16MB (minimum)
· Hard Disk space : 1.7M for the VBSecure program plus samples
· Video Card : VGA (minimum)
· Development Environments : Visual Basic 4/5/6

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