Washee Secure cleaning Security for Windows

Remove traces collected by operating system & Internet browser
Clean up system and Internet surfing history that could leak your information. Washee helps remove traces collected by
operating system & Internet browser to ensure data is not disclosed. It offers a various options for system and Internet browsing. It is a
clean-up tool for removing any sensitive data on your computer that can cause security risks. Use it to clear auto-complete history, IE
favorites, temporary Internet files & more. Washee can help you remove all the traces collected by your operating system whenever you want
to in order to ensure your valuable data is not disclosed to anyone. Internet surfing leaves plenty of traces on your computer that can
reveal much of your personal information. Certain new technologies have been developed recently to help track the data stored in local
folders on your hard disk. The web sites you visit can also place hazardous cookies on your computer that tell the sites about your surfing
habits, your hardware and software configuration. Such sensitive information can be exploited by some people for commercial or malicious
purposes. Washee was designed mainly to keep you safe from security risks associated with such problems. The traces left on your computer
from Internet surfing can provide information on your surfing habits, the sites you visit, and the e-mail addresses you send messages to.
Such sensitive information is likely to be obtained exploited by others either for commercial or malicious proposes. Washee provides you
with some vital clean-up options to make sure these traces can not be disclosed. Washee provides you with local clean-up options to make
sure no personal information can be tracked on your computer. These options allow you to clear folders that may contain reference to your
Internet activity. You can also clear your browser history, the auto-complete entries, and even your Recycle Bin. Washee allows you to
specify folders of your choice to be cleaned up instantly or at program exit.

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