WinClear Security Related Security for Windows

An application that can protect your privacy.
Win Clear is an Internet history cleaner that protects your Internet privacy by cleaning up all tracks of your Internet and computer activity.

Windows and other software programs store history about the different activities that you have performed on your computer and on the Internet. This information is stored in the system areas of your hard disk and the built-in Windows functions like ‘Clear History’ offer little protection as they can only partially delete this data. Anyone can take a look at your history and find out what you have been doing on your computer, and this raises serious privacy concerns.

Improve the speed of your computer and free valuable space taken by your computers history files.

Here are some key features of “WinClear”:

· Information about all the sites that you visited is stored on your computer. Simply clicking on delete Internet Temp Files, History or Cookies will not protect your privacy.
· Every image that you have ever viewed, sent or received over the Internet is stored on your hard drive. Be it personal pictures or confidential business charts, these can be accessed by any snooper.
· There is a record of every program that you have ever downloaded or used on your hard drive. What you use on your computer should be your business and nobody else’s.
· The windows “delete” button and the “empty recycle bin” option does NOT delete your files. This just makes it easy for prying eyes to gain access to your sensitive data.
· Erases Cache
· Erases Cookies (except the ones that you want to keep)
· Erases Temporary internet files
· Erases Browser History.
· Erases All your histories securely by “wiping” the data unrecoverable
· Erases Address drop-list box data /Location Bar
· Erases RECYCLE BIN files automatically at Windows start up
· Erases TEMP folder files
· Erases Scandisk File Fragments
· Erases Registry Streams
· Erases Windows Fragmented Files
· Erases Windows Start Menu Run/Find History
· Erases Windows MediaPlayer Recent File List
· Erases Windows Temporary Files Directory
· Erases Windows Recent Documented list automatically at Windows start up
· Erases Auto Complete Data Forms
· Erases Unnecessary disk usage and Frees Disk Space – FAT/FAT32/NTFS
· Erases Index.dat file (this file is always LOCKED during a Windows session and can not be deleted manually).


· Pentium 400 MHz
· 20 MB drive space
· 64 MB RAM


· Does not fix found problems

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