WinDriveCleaner 2005 Secure cleaning Security for Windows

WinDriveCleaner is the latest released ALL drive cleaning software
WinDriveCleaner is the latest released all drive cleaning software for Windows 98, WinNT, Win2000, WinMe, WinXP.

This program uses innovative technology developed by adult content treatment specialists, to scan your hard drive and eliminate every sign of prohibited material.

It eliminates every implicating file on your Pc and protects your privacy. WinDriveCleaner eliminates all cookies and cache files in order to guarantee that your actions trough Internet will never been traced.

You can access any website you desire and no one will ever be able to know what sites you visited.

You can configure WinDriveCleaner to eliminate cookies right after you leave any web site, so you can absolutely rely on its inappropriate content deletion capability.

You can set WinDriveCleaner to carry scheduled tasks. It is very easy to configure. You’ll never have to worry about your privacy again.


· nag screen
· 30 days trial

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