Winselect Security Related Security for Windows

Locks down browser functions and Windows application settings
WINSelect provides the ability for administrators to turn a computer into a Kiosk-style workstation by locking down browser functions and Windows application settings. With this software administrators are able to control third-party programs and Windows operating system features.

Here are some key features of “Winselect”:

· Block access to specific commands such as maximize, minimize, resize, close, move, right mouse button, or restore
· Block access to specific menu items and specific hot-key combinations
· Block access to individual buttons, checkboxes, and edit boxes on dialogs
· Specify where a file can be opened and what file extension it must have
· Specify number of pages and copies submitted for printing
· Disable print queue and Print to File feature
· Disable file and folder operations such as drag and drop, delete, rename, and folder creation on the desktop
· Disable the right-click mouse button system wide
· Remove the Start button
· Disable specified icons on the desktop
· Control message box text: specify what the text must begin with, must not begin with, must match exactly, or must not contain
· Specify if the WINSelect icon will be shown in the system tray (stealth mode)
· Specify that only the floppy drive can be used to open or save files
· Exclude specific applications from being monitored by WINSelect, such as system utilities that have no potential for misuse


· 30-day trial
· Nag screen

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