Workshare Protect Security Related Security for Windows

Makes sure your private information stays private and allows you to resolve issues
Receive real-time warnings when your email or Office files contain passwords, social security and credit card numbers, history of deleted text, comments, notes and more.

Workshare Protect makes sure your private information stays private and allows you to resolve issues; remove, update or secure the content before you share it with other people.

Here are some key features of “Workshare Protect”:

Content Filtering & Security
· Alerts notify you when information such as financial data, passwords or intellectual property are within your email or Office documents. When implemented within an organization Workshare Protect can ensure data security and compliance with all of your outbound content security policies.

Hidden Data / Metadata Removal
· Ensure automated, routine destruction of all hidden electronic information in your Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) files. Workshare Protect removes metadata with the click of a button, or automatically with no interaction from the user.

Secure PDF Solution
· Create PDFs of any Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint file. Convenient “Convert to PDF” button in Microsoft Office automatically converts to PDF on demand or on outgoing email attachments. Includes flexible publishing and complete PDF security options.

Power User Visibility and Control
· Configurable policy options provide Power User flexibility to override and manage policy-driven content filtering and robust actions such as block, clean risky content, document restriction, PDF conversion and encryption.

External Drive Security
· Protect confidential information from being transferred to removable media and other external drives.(1)

Always on Content Risk Alerts
· Alerts identify information that violates privacy, intellectual property and financial disclosure policies.

User Transparency
· Automated, policy driven content filtering, cleansing and conversion to PDF of email attachments based on sender, recipient and content.


· 300 MHz Processor
· 64 MB RAM
· 30 MB free disk space
· Microsoft Word 2000 and later
· Microsoft Outlook 2000 and later


· 14 days trial

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