X Ways Security Secure cleaning Security for Windows

X-Ways Security is the shredder for the digital age
X-Ways Security is the shredder for the digital age. To protect your organization’s confidential data or your personal privacy, trust on X-Ways Security for a hard drive cleansing solution.

To maximize security, X-Ways Security offers up to 9 fully configurable overwrite passes and the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) standard for hard drive sanitization as specified in the 5220.22-M operating manual.

Here are some key features of “X Ways Security”:

· Delete selected confidential files securely, such that they are not recoverable.
· Wipe free drive space and clear slack space, to get rid of sensitive data from deleted files, esp. temporary files.
· Clean formerly used NTFS file records, which contain filenames and other data
· Erase logical drives or entire physical disks completely and irreversibly, e.g. to produce forensically clean target media or to sanitize media before re-use in a different environment of before donating.
· Trusted download: copy files from classified media without slack space overhang.

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