XtraSense Surveillance Security Related Security for Windows

Turn you computer into powerful multi-camera video surveillance system
Turn your computer into a multi-channel video surveillance system and a 24 hour video recorder that supports up to 16 cameras and 8 sensors,

Here are some key features of “XtraSense Surveillance”:

· motion detection with masking area
· FTP images to remote server
· alarm notification by email(pictures attached) or by SMS
· customizable electronic map for visually indicating camera/sensor locations
· automatic disk storage management and daily system statistics
· alarm report delivered to your mailbox automatically.

The application supports remote control by TCP or e-mail. You can remotely control system even if it is behind firewall and without fixed IP. For advanced users, you can also write your own program to control XtraSense by using our XTR1.0 protocol.


· watermark on recorded video and picture
· 30 days trial

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