Xtrue Data Protect 2007 Lockdown Security for Windows

Xtrue Data Protect 2007 – Lock folders as easy as 1-2-Lock!
Xtrue Data Protect is a new security tool that lets you lock your files and folders with your personal password.

Locking files and folders also effectively protects you from malicious programs, such as viruses, worms, and trojans. Locking files or folders is the best way to guarantee that nobody accidentally or intentionally gets access to your financial, health, private, and confidential information.

Locking your files or folders makes them invisible, so they cannot be deleted, harmed or damaged in any other way.We also advise you to get Xtrue Data Protect if you have a laptop and travel frequently.

After all, if your notebook gets lost or stolen, you do not want strangers to see your financial data, or credit card.

Xtrue Data Protect does not change the file structure of the data, does not move the protected data, and does not change Windows system files. You cannot lose your files.

Here are some key features of “Xtrue Data Protect 2007”:

· Ability to hide files and folders from all other users (including the administrator).
· Password protection for files and folder.
· Unlimited number of objects to protect.
· Access restrictions on your data against local network users as well as Internet users.
· Password-protected start of Xtrue Data Protect.
· High-level protection.
· High performance rates.
· Drag and drop user interface.
· Password recovery via an e-mail address.
· Support of FAT, FAT32, and NTFS systems.

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