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Adware.NDotNet Removal Tool description

Adware.NDotNet is an adware program that associates non-existent domain names with sponsored content
Adware.NDotNet is an adware program that associates non-existent domain names with sponsored content. When an end-user will enter a keyword into a browser address bar or attempt to resolve a mistaken or non-existent URL, the adware will redirect the user to a sponsored webpage.

This adware component works as a Browser Helper Object.

Your Symantec antivirus program detects Adware.NDotNet.

This adware component must be manually installed or installed as a component of another manually installed program.

This adware program must be manually installed. However, there are several known programs that have Adware.NDotNet within them and that install it as the program itself is installed.

Note: Removing this adware component from the system will likely cause the program that installed it to not function as intended. The uninstaller generally identifies the programs that will not work after uninstallation.

Removal Tool
Symantec Security Response has developed a removal tool for this security risk. Use this removal tool first, as it is the easiest way to remove this risk.

Note: The date and time displayed will be adjusted to your time zone, if your computer is not set to the Pacific time zone.

It has been reported that a computer with this security risk on it may also have other security risks installed. Symantec recommends that the following steps be carried out:
· Run the Removal Tool.
· Update the definitions by starting the Symantec program and running LiveUpdate.
· Run a full system scan to detect any other security risks on the computer.
· If the scan detects any further security risks, check for removal tools at
· If there are no removal tools for the security risks that are detected, follow the manual removal instructions listed in the risk report.

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