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Avg Enterprise Edition Antivirus and Spyware for Windows

AVG Enterprise Edition description

A complete antivirus and anti-malware package designed to protect your PC from security threats
The AVG Enterprise Edition was designed to be an extremely reliable, fast and light on resources, antivirus product.

· Free program and virus updates are provided via ultra reliable Akamai servers. AVG Professional Edition updates itself automatically whenever updates are available. Alternatively you can update manually, or configure AVG Professional to download updates at a scheduled time that suits you.
· Multiple language support in one package. No need to buy a special language version as all languages are included in the one product. A simple click of the mouse and the entire interface (including help files) will instantly change to your required language
· AVG holds the VB100% award and is ICSA certified, so you can be assured of the highest level of antivirus protection.
· AVG Professional Edition has many more features that make it the best value antivirus protection available
· The powerful AVG Resident Shield provides maximum protection by scanning every file opened, executed, or saved. It will also prevent the opening or executing of infected files.
· The AVG Personal E-mail Scanner checks every e-mail sent or received, providing much needed protection from e-mail borne threats. AVG supports all leading e-mail clients including MS Outlook, The bat!, Eudora and all other SMTP/POP3 based email clients such as Outlook Express. Encrypted connections using SSL are also supported.
· AVG Professional can scan attachments of instant message services (like ICQ, MSN Messenger) for viruses and other threats.
· AVG provides support for the detection of “potentially unwanted programs”.
· AVG’s scanning engine uses a unique combination of heuristic analysis and generic detection methods to detect all known viruses.
· The AVG Resident Shield can include/exclude files from scanning based on individual file extensions.
· Automatically attempts to heal/remove infected files and other threats such as trojans, worms, and java applets. Removed files are quarantined in the AVG Virus Vault.
· AVG Professional has flexible password protection so you can select which settings you wish to protect from other users.
· AVG Professional now supports Microsoft Windows 64 bit platforms.
New Components:
· Web shield – web content scanner (HTTP and Instant Messaging)
· Link scanner – Safe Search and Safe Surf (includes Exploit Prevention Labs scanner)
· System tools
· Anti-Rootkit

Scanning engine
· Completely new scanning engine
· Improved detection capabilities
· New, much more effective, heuristic analysis
· Improved performance
· Reduced system requirements

· Possibility to set scan priority also during testing
· Unified virus and spyware detection

· All scheduled tasks run as SYSTEM
· It is possible to run only one scheduled scan at one time
· Cooperation with power supply facilities
· Improved settings for scheduled tasks

· Program update is separated from virus updates
· Faster reaction to specific threats
· Automatic proxy server detection

· Simplified, intuitive and effective navigation
· Merged testing and configuration interface

· Simple configuration for most users
· Advanced and detailed settings for IT professionals

Other features
· Improved support for scanning exceptions
· Button for direct dispatch of suspicious file for analysis in Virus Vault
· Improved synchronization with Windows startup


· CPU Intel Pentium, 1.2 GHz
· 70 MB free space on HDD
· 256 MB RAM

NOTE: Beta version is not fully supported, it may contain bugs, and be unstable! Backup your data before install any beta version!
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Added tray notification window.
· Added System Tools.
· Link Scanner (Safe Search a Safe Surf) may be activated/deactivated from AVG GUI.
· Improvements and fixes in GUI.
· Information windows are displayed correctly on the top.
· Overview tab is correctly focused after Update.
· Fixed problem with saving personal email scanner configuration.
· Fixed problem with saving configuration of Additional Scan Reports (in Advanced settings – Scans).
· Fixed problem with blocking of some web pages caused by Web Shield.
· Fixed problems with AVG Firewall Profile switching.
· Changes in AVG Firewall default configuration.
· Information in Scan Results is changed correctly after healing, removing infections.
· It is not possible to remove already removed infections.
· Fixed problem with saving Anti-spam settings.
· Fixed problem with AVG Firewall start up on Windows x64 edition.
· Files are correctly deleted from Virus Vault after restoring.
· Added some missing texts.
· AVG Firewall could be disabled and switched to Emergency mode correctly.
· Fixed problem with assigning profile to adaptor or network area.
· Settings of servers for Personal Email Scanner are correctly accepted.
· Improved Anti-Rootkit detection.
· Improved Web Shield detection possibilities.
· Improved detection of some infections.
· Fixed AVG crashes during scanning.
· Fixed possible crash during closing AVG application.
· Update settings are displayed correctly.
· Tasks scheduled from Advanced Settings are saved correctly.
· Fixed problem with entering blank password in a dialog during scanning password protected archives.
· Correct Date of storage is displayed for files moved to Virus Vault.
· ‘Empty Vault’ button has been added into Virus Vault.
· Fixed computer freezing caused by AVG Firewall.
· Fixed crash during AVG Firewall component reinstallation.
· Improvements in Update process.
· Fixed blocked network connection after Update if AVG Firewall installed.
· Fixed automatic and manual proxy server settings.
· Fixed applications rules storing in AVG Firewall.
· Fixed problem with AVG Firewall configuration modification.
· Information on update process is displayed correctly.
· Fixed problem with healing files under some conditions.
· Fixed crash during update process.
· Fixed crash caused by Personal Email Scanner.
· Manually set Personal Email Scanner servers work correctly.
· Fixed problem with sudden AVG Firewall deactivation.
· Added settings for Potential Unwanted Programs exceptions.
· It is possible to set ports which are scanned by Web shield.

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