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Avira WebProtector description

Avira WebProtector can control surfing in the Internet and prevent certain websites from being accessed.
Avira WebProtector can control surfing in the Internet and prevent certain websites from being accessed.. Avira WebProtector is available in versions to protect children and youths or as an individually configurable business version.

Here are some key features of “Avira WebProtector”:

· Avira WebProtector offers you the possibility to block or unblock Internet contents according to predefined criteria and user profiles;
· Filters based on one of the world’s leading and largest URL database, which contains more than 67 million entries (date: August 2006). It is updated daily with approx. 50,000 new websites and pictures;
· Classification possibilities through 62 predefined categories, for instance society (sects, job search), entertainment (music, humor, online purchase), communication (web mail, anonymous proxies, chat, e-cards), finance (home banking, gambling games), drugs, weapons, pornography, criminality (illegal activities, eroticism, hacking, violence);
· Solutions not only tailored to Internet contents of American and other English speaking pages, but particularly also of German and European Internet contents;
· Creation of user-specific surfing profiles for up to 1,000 users: rights, times, categories. You can thus create an individual rulebook with surfing time budgets for each of your users;
· Time and time zone protection, therefore you can authorize the lunch break from 12 noon to 2 p.m., for example, for surfing;
· Blocking of data downloads;
· Available in home-user and business versions and as a for AVM KEN! 4.


· The Installation Kit comes fully featured but update service (FUSE) is disabled. To enable updates you may automatically request an evaluation key for a 30-days period from here:(

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