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Bagle Ah Remover Antivirus and Spyware for Windows

Bagle.AH Remover description

A useful tool for cleaning the Bagle.AH virus from your PC
Bagle.AH is a worm that affects Windows XP/2000/NT computers only. Bagle.AH opens and listens to a TCP port, waiting for remote connections. By doing so, it allows hackers to gain remote control over the affected computer in order to carry out malicious actions that would compromise user’s confidentiality or impede normal work.

Bagle.AH ends processes belonging to antivirus programs and firewalls, among others. This leaves the affected computer vulnerable to the attack of other malware.

Additionally, this worm connects to several web pages that contain a PHP script.

It also eliminates the entries in the Windows Registry belonging to several variants of the worm Netsky.

Bagle.AH spreads via e-mail in a message with variable characteristics and through peer-to-peer file sharing programs (P2P).

With the Bagle.AH Remover you’ll be able to easily get rid of the virus infection.

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