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EasyMalwareBlocker description

This Internet Security Suite contains selfconfig Firewall (in/out), File System Protector & System Tools
EasyMalwareBlocker is a highly efficient malware blocker which configures itself automatically. It includes an incoming and outgoing Firewall, File System Protection and sophisticated System Utilities.

EasyMalwareBlocker is based on 2 drivers:

· The Network driver is used by the (in- and outgoing user configurable) Firewall and Parental Control with 4 predefined genres, user defineable words and Blacklist and Whitelist Mode. Our Application Control panel provides detailed information about programs AND modules. Each program and each module can be individually allowed or blocked. We have never seen anything like that in any other Internet Security Suite.

· The File System Protector driver of EasyMalwareBlocker by default blocks any kind of malware (including rootkits) from clandestinely installing itself while surfing the Internet (drive-by-downloads) BEFORE they are being written on the Hard Disc by the 3 most common browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera.

The File System Protector driver works with watching file extensions rather than with difficult to maintain reference lists or pattern recognizing which never will be foolproof, therefore no updates are needed (!).

EasyMalwareBlocker offers even more protection in ‘Safe’ and ‘Super Safe’ modes: Any executable file which is written on the Hard Disc by any (known or unknown) program is being blocked, unless it is written by either a XP system program or written into a ‘Special Folder’ or by a ‘Special Program’ like third party File Managers or Backup programs. Both of these lists are user defineable.

On top of that EasyMalwareBlocker offers sophisticated System Check Utilities like AutoStart (which usually lists about 400 programs, Browser Helper Objects and drivers, toolbars, logon items, etc), Compare Executable Files, Last Files Written, List All Running Processes, including the ones which try to hide themselves like rootkits and a tool to remove malware.

So experts can see whther or not malware has been installed when he or she has been installing an unknown program oder to verify that indeed NO malware has been clandestinely installed while he or she was surfing the Internet.

The result of the comparison of ‘Autostart’ and ‘Compare Executable Reference Files’ is put in 3 separate listviews: One for new, one for deleted and another one for modified items. Therefore users can immediately see how an installation of a new progam has affected the system and if the new program is eg a trojan horse or not.

In addition, this application includes a comprehensive section for deleting traces, which will really erase all traces left from internet surfing.

There are only a few popups, if any at all. (In case the OS has been reinstalled there are no popups by EasyMalwareBlocker at all until a program has been installed which wants to access the Internet.) We took a great effort to provide helpful texts to make decisions whether to allow or block a program or a module which (possibly) wants to access the Internet as easy as possible.

EasyMalwareBlocker works fast: No perceivable performance loss. (it usually takes up about 3 .. 20 % of CPU time only.)

EasyMalwareBlocker is easy to use: It runs out-of-the-box, no setup is required for the vast majority of users. Any user can use this program (not necessarily install and run it for the first few minutes), but computer experts and professionals will benefit most.


· .NET Framework 2.0
· 32 Bit Operating System with single and dual core CPUs

NOTE: Make sure your XP has SP 2 installed, otherwise the application will not work. Also, the software is only free during beta testing.

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