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F Secure Client Security Antivirus and Spyware for Windows

F-Secure Client Security description

A software designed for providing high security for workstations and laptops
F-Secure Client Security provides the highest level of protection for corporate workstations and laptops by combining robust and fast signature-based protection with advanced proactive protection against traditional and new zero-day threats.

This award-winning, centrally manageable solution prevents both global and local malware epidemics and intrusions by integrating antivirus, firewall, antispyware, rootkit scanning and behaviour-monitoring (HIPS).

Keep your company’s computers and laptops well-secured against malware with F-Secure Client Security!

Please be advised that the displayed price is for 5 user licenses.

Real-Time Automatic Protection
· Stops viruses, worms, spyware and Trojans attacking via e-mail, web or floppy disks in real-time.

F-Secure DeepGuard
· A host-based intrusion prevention system providing protection for unknown threats.

F-Secure BlackLight
· Scans for rootkits at the deepest level of the computer.

E-mail Scanning
· Scans POP3, SMTP and IMAP4 traffic for viruses.

Web Scanning
· Scans HTTP traffic for viruses before the data is forwarded into web browser.

Spyware Protection
· Stops adware and spyware using real-time scanner.

Protection for Unknown Threats
· Blocks in real-time unknown threats using system changes, browser hijacking and code injections.

Cisco NAC Support
· Assures the security level of the workstations and laptops connecting to the company network before granting them an access.

Network Quarantine
· Assures the security level of remote laptops connecting to the company network outside office premises before granting them an access.

Automatic Virus and Spyware Definition Updates with Fail-Over
· Using a fail-over method, updates virus and spyware definitions transparently and automatically 1-2 times a day.

Firewall with Intrusion Prevention
· Detects and blocks hackers and new breeds of worm.

Application Control
· Centrally controls and blocks applications connecting to the Internet.

Automatic Security Levels
· Automatically adapts security levels.

Virus News
· Delivers the latest virus threat news instantly around the globe.

Central Management
· F-Secure Client Security can be remotely installed, configured and monitored from one central location. The client configuration can be locked for always-on protection.

· Processor: Capable of running Microsoft Vista 32-bit/64-bit
· Memory: 512MB
· Disk space: 200MB free HD space
· Display: Min. 8-bit (256 colors)
· Internet Connection: An Internet connection is required in order to validate your subscription and receive updates
· Browser: Internet Explorer 7.0 or newer is required


· 30 days trial
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· F-Secure DeepGuard 2.0: Thanks to this new in-the-cloud technology, all F-Secure users are protected in 60 seconds from the first confirmation of a new threat.
· New updatable scanning architecture allows a quick and smooth response to threats.
· Memory consumption reduced by over a third compared to the previous version.
· Neighborcast feature offers scalable and fast peer-to-peer database update distribution inside a LAN.
· Full IPv6 protection and Windows Vista 64-bit support.

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