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F-Cabir description

Easily remove the Cabir worm variants from your mobile phone
The F-Cabir utility disinfects Series 60 devices infected with Cabir worm variants SymbOS/Cabir.A to SymbOS/Cabir.Z and SymbOS/Mabir.A

· Unpack the F-Cabir utility from the provided ZIP archive
· Copy the F-Cabir.SIS file to the infected S60 phone. Note that if Cabir has blocked bluetooth communication to the phone, use infrared or USB connection whichever the phone supports.
· Open the Messaging application on the phone and select the f-cabir.sis and open it.
· Install the F-Cabir with Symbian installer.
· Go to application menu, scroll to F-Cabir too and execute it.
· Select Scan from options.
· If Cabir worm is present, the F-Cabir will ask do you want to delete it. Answer yes.
· After disinfection, restart your phone to terminate any running Cabir processes.

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