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F-Trickl description

Scanner and disinfector for the Tentatrickle virus
F-TRICKL is a small and easy to use removal utility that will help you detect and disinfect the Tentatrickle virus.

This DOS-based virus was found in the wild in September 1996.The virus infects only DOS executables (MZ). The virus adds a new segment to the executable and modifies the structure of the file. The author of this virus also wrote the Tentacle and Shell viruses.

Tentacle causes no obvious symptoms, except slowing the PC down (the
infection process is slow). For this reason it is recommended that
suspect PCs be scanned using the F-TRICKL utility.

Run F-TRICKL with the drive letter of directory as a parameter. For example:

If F-TRICKL finds the virus, you will be notified. Then, type
F-TRICKL /DISINF, and F-TRICKL will disinfect
any infected files.

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