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F-Opasrv description

Remove the Opaserv worm and its variants from your computer with just one click
F-Opasrv will disinfect systems infected with all known Opaserv (also known as Scrup or Opasoft) worm variants. This tool also removes worm’s startup string after RUN= variable in WIN.INI file.

· Unpack the F-Opasrv remover from the provided ZIP archive
· Run the unpacked F-Opasrv.exe file from a HDD to eliminate Opaserv worm infection. You can run the tool by either doubleclicking on it from Windows Explorer or you can start it from a command interpreter (COMMAND.COM or CMD.EXE) by typing its name at command prompt and pressing ‘Enter’ (for advanced users).
First the F-Opasrv utility will kill Opaserv worm’s processes in memory. Then the utility will scan your hard drive for infected files and delete them.
· Reboot the system. After restart your system should be clean.
If you have F-Secure Anti-Virus installed, the utility will temporarily disable on-access scanner to be able to disinfect your system. After the utility completes disinfection, it enables on-access scanner.

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