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Firetrust Benign description

Benign neutralizes or strips out the code that makes viruses, worms and scripts and other potentially harmful things run
Imagine being able to receive email which is safe from viruses, worms, scripts, web bugs, privacy threats and other security risks, without affecting your email.

Benign will neutralize or strip out the code that makes worms , viruses and scripts and other potentially harmful things run. That’s why we called it Benign, it makes downloading your email safe. In fact, it’s the perfect companion to our other product – MailWasher Pro.

Did you know viruses and email worms can run automatically just by reading your email? What about links called web bugs that automatically confirm you have a valid address as soon as you preview your email? If this happens, you have a good chance that some marketing companies will start sending you lots of spam because they know your address works!

Here are some key features of “Firetrust Benign”:

· Catches all the email borne viruses
· Neutralizes your email attachments
· Makes email safe so you can download your messages in complete safety
· Protects your privacy
· Prevents worms from spreading
· Stops the spread of viruses


· 30 day trial

What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Reorganised HTML processing options for both message text and attachments to make them easier to understand.
· Added configuration option to control the length of time message logs are stored for.
· Added button in the message logs/summary form to clear the logs and/or summaries.
· Added mail account import support for IncrediMail.
· Updated mail account import support for Pegasus Mail to work with Pegasus Mail 4.11.
· Minor improvements to HTML-to-plain-text converter.
· Changed handling of extremely long lines to work around mail server problem reported by a user.
· Changed handling of invalid text in message header to improve consistency with major mail clients, now removes the invalid line and continues with the header.
· Changed handling of MIME parts with invalid Content-Transfer-Encoding, now changes them to 8bit instead of blocking them (noticed with spam found in the wild).
· Fixed handling of multipart/digest MIME subentities with missing Content-Type, now changes them to be message/rfc822.
· Fixed handling of multipart/related MIME parts, now copies certain extra parameters.
· Changed handling of certain invalid sequences in HTML to improve consistency with major browsers/mail clients.
· Changed filtering of whitespace in HTML URLs to improve consistency with major browsers/mail clients.
· Fixed problem with security profile file type entries with a blank extensions list.
· Removed Netscape cookie manager warning message added in 1.36, situation confirmed harmless.
· Added workarounds to try and resolve Windows richedit problem reported by a user.
· Fixed problems with the .b9 file handler application sometimes noticed on Windows XP.
· Added workaround for problem encountered when using ZoneAlarm Pro 4. Changes from 1.35 to 1.36
· Added a ‘Thank you, your registration was successful’ message when a valid registration key is entered.
· Added a ‘The registration key you have entered is not valid.’ message when inputing an old-style trial key (trial keys are no longer used).
· Changed the ‘Could not bind socket. Address and port are already in use.’ message to a more helpful explanation.
· Changed the way the security profile file types lists are saved into the registry so that the entries stay in the same order.
· Changed handling of A href attributes in HTML emails so that fragment-only links (ie. links to part of the same email) are not affected.
· Added extra error handling on Netscape cookie manager, to attempt to track down a problem affecting one user.

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