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Infoarmor Antivirus and Spyware for Windows

InfoArmor description

Protect webpages and important files against hacker, defend trojan and virus
InfoArmor is the ONLY software that can authorize a program to visit protected folders or files. Most file-protect software prevent unwanted user to access protected files, but InfoArmor prevents unwanted software or program to access them.

This make InfoArmor very suitable for website-protecting: You may permit only webserver and ftp software to access your web pages,any other programs,event windows kernel process, can not be utilized by hackers to deface your webpages.InfoArmor is a program which protects webpages and important files against hackers.

InfoArmor works in kernel mode. Unlike most other website protector, it consumes very little of the memory and CPU resource. It works in “Trigger” mode and never check your webfiles periodically. It starts with windows system starts up. There’s no need to logon and manually start it.

InfoArmor makes it very simple to defend trojan, virus, spyware, and other unkown malicious program: they can’t be planted onto your disk.

When alarm is triggered,InfoArmor provide an option to let you make a decision, InfoArmor can remember this decision and change it’s security rule at runtime.

InfoArmor can protect your website in background, and the protection service is invisible.

InfoArmor can protect both folders and files with wild cards. So, you can protect all files in all directories / folders of your choice.

InfoArmor can save all the warning messages to log file, and mail the warning messages to you automaticly, so if something happen, you will be notified at immediately.

Configurable configuration files. With this feature, configuration file can be put somewhere on the network, thus make administration easier.

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