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Ognizer Anti Virus Antivirus and Spyware for Windows

Ognizer Anti Virus description

By combining our unique virus definitions with ClamAV virus definitions OGAV will be able to detect more than 95,000 virus/worms
OGAV is a free antivirus software for your Windows Operating System.

Our Antivirus is currently currently intended to be the supplement antivirus to help detect viruses/worms in your computer that might not be detected by other anti-virus companies (Norton Antivirus, Panda, Mc Afee, etc).

However, we are working really hard to make our OGAV become one of the most reliable stand alone Antivirus.

Here are some key features of “Ognizer Anti Virus”:

· The ability to import ClamAV Virus definitions.
· Able to detect more than 97,000 viruses/worms.
· Capable of scanning archived files (rar).
· Quarantine contaminated file (currently only .exe).
· Provide list of virus history.
· Better performance.

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