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Panda TruPrevent Corporate is the perfect complement to reinforce the security of your corporate network
Panda TruPrevent Corporate 2006 is the most effective solution for protecting your corporate network against unknown viruses and threats, acting as the perfect complement to your current antivirus solution

· Secure communications
In order to intercept hackers and intruders, TruPrevent Corporate 2006 monitors communications and the memory: it prevents buffer overflows and exhaustively scans communication packets transmitted with an automatic firewall in order to detect techniques such as attempts to identify the operating system, port scanning, denial of service attacks (DoS), IP Spoofing, MAC Spoofing.
To complement the security policies included by Panda Software, you can customize rules governing access to system resources: files, registry entries, COM components… to reinforce security of all computers.

· Flexible policy management
Panda Software has included in TruPrevent Corporate 2006 a complete set of security rules to prevent intruder attacks such as pharming and dangerous employee activity such as unauthorized use of instant messaging, peer-to-peer programs, etc.
TruPrevent Corporate?s system of security policy management will offer flexibility to the organization removing the need for frantic application of patches to resolve the latest vulnerabilities. With TruPrevent Corporate 2006 you won’t suffer the collateral effects of patches as you can create policies that act as “virtual patches”. These policies can block exploits that tried to use a vulnerability, while you can test the security patch released by the developer in a controlled environment.

· Reinforced security policies
The NetworkSecure module verifies adequate protection and access credentials -monitoring the MAC address- of computers when they try to connect to the network, preventing infections and information leaks. Through AdminSecure, the TruPrevent Corporate administration console, it is possible to monitor whether the antivirus is updated and if a personal firewall is installed, regardless of the vendor, in computers used by personnel outside the company when they access shared local network resources.
NetworkSecure also enhances the security of these shared resources, complementing the logic security of password access by monitoring the MAC address of the source computer to prevent impersonation of digital identities and the consequent theft of confidential information by disloyal employees

· Detection and elimination of new threats
TruPrevent Corporate 2006 monitors running processes searching for the malicious behavior of new malware that has managed to get past the signature-based scan.
In addition, TruPrevent Corporate includes event correlation techniques, ‘intelligently’ determining the real danger of the actions that a process is carrying out at any given moment. This feature ensures the highest levels of reliability, avoiding false alarms and freeing up the network administrator from the task of manual supervision.

· Preventive blocking of the spread of infections
The reaction capacity of current antiviruses is outstripped by the speed of propagation of new threats that can infect thousands of computers worldwide in just a few minutes. TruPrevent Corporate 2006 is one step ahead of any kind of malware, taking preventive action to block outbound communication before the threat can spread.
This system doesn’t just detect unknown malware, it can block the process, preventing it from running (leaving the file in quarantine), warn the other network computers of the attack, and then request the antidote from Panda. Thanks to SmartClean2 technology, it automatically disinfects and repairs the server, drastically reducing response time, and the risk of damage to your company or its reputation.

· Simple management and complete reports
TruPrevent Corporate 2006 protects systems as soon as it is installed, without complex setup tasks or the need for specialized personnel, optimizing investment in IT resources in your company.

· Increased productivity
TruPrevent Corporate minimizes the need for intervention from network administrators or end users, as only those whose work could be affected by attacks are informed, ensuring the continuity of production. This protection has a minimal impact on the performance of the systems protected, and also provides a significant saving of bandwidth by preventing infections from spreading across the network.

· The essential complement to your corporate antivirus protection
TruPrevent Corporate 2006 is designed especially to protect your network from new malware without you having to change antivirus, as it is compatible with the majority of antiviruses on the market.
If you have an antivirus other than Panda, and you want a second opinion on your scan results all you want to complement your current corporate antivirus, with the reaction speed of Panda Labs, TruPrevent Corporate 2006 is the additional security you were looking for your IT resources.

Here are some key features of “Panda TruPrevent Corporate”:

· The essential complement to your corporate antivirus protection, reinforces the security of your corporate network and significantly reduces the risk of infection.
· Detects and eliminates unknown viruses thanks to a combination of technologies designed to minimize the impact of external attacks.
· Preventive blocking of infections caused by the rapid propagation of new network viruses and worms.
· Simple management ? straightforward reports that ease the workload of network administrators.
· Increased productivity due to its minimal impact on system performance and easy to manage information.
· Constantly updated protection via remote, automatic updates, giving complete peace of mind in the face of attacks from the latest threats

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