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Pcclear 63542 Antivirus and Spyware for Windows

PCclear Antispyware with Free Antivirus description

PCclear is free virus scan /removal, antispyware and hacking protection solution
PCclear is a free virus scan /removal, hacking protection and antispyware solution.

Here are some key features of “PCclear Antispyware with Free Antivirus”:

· All-in-one Protection
Immunizes your system against viruses, spyware, adware, malware, trojans and all other cyber threats. Active-X protection and History sweeping are also included. PCclear also provides a secure Registry Cleaning environments.

· Powerful Detection and Protection
PCclear has proven expertise in protecting against viruses, internet worms, spywares, adwares and other malicious programs.

· The latest Patterns with Database
Top quality pattern database with daily update.
PCclear looks through all your files and notifies you of all the threats through the use of its extensive and continually updated pattern database.

· Powerful System Management
Advanced features combined with PCclear provides Secure Registry Cleaning, Add/Remove Programs, Task Manager and Active-X Manager features for Windows PC users.

· Easy installation and configuration
Easy to install and to use. Just 1 minute to install.

· History Sweeping
Clears the history of online/offline activities and protects privacy. Users can save storage space and improve the performance of computer.

Functions of “PCclear Antispyware with Free Antivirus”:

· One Click Scan
Performs Spyware Scan, Virus scan, registry cleaning,fixed disk cleaning and history sweeping at once.
· Active-X protection You can protect your self from unwanted Active-X usingPCclear.
· Registry Cleaning
PCclear scan and clean Windows registry of inconsistencies and invalid file references, unnecessary entries.
The secure cleaning environment provides backup points to recover unwanted cleaning.
· Program Manager
You can use Add/Remove programs from PCclear just like Control Panel. More functions are to be added.
· History of Scan
The results of all scans are automatically saved for your reference.


· Free for antivirus and all other functions except spyware removal.

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