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W32/FunLove Virus Scanner and Remover description

Removal utility that will help you disinfect a computer running the W32/FunLove virus
W32/FunLove is a Win32 PE file virus that will infect SCR, EXE, OCX files under Win9x and WinNT 4.0 platforms. The infected files will increase by 4099 bytes. What is notable about this virus is that it uses a new strategy to attack the Windows NT file security system and it runs as a service on Windows NT systems.

When the virus is first run, the virus drops a file called FLCSS.EXE into the SYSTEM folder. Then it will directly infect all EXE, SCR, and OCX files in the Program Files and WINDOWS/WINNT folders, including any subfolders. It infects network shared drives too.

· /SCAN – Scans the system for FunLove Virus
· /REPAIR – Use this option to CLEAN the worm
· /SCAN – Scan all files
· /BAK – Create backup copy before cleaning
· /NOSUB – Sub Directories OFF
· /REPORT – Generates report – C:/VIRUSCAN.RPT
· /HELP – Detailed help to clean the FunLove worm

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