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Rising Antivirus 46317 Antivirus and Spyware for Windows

Rising Antivirus 2008 description

Detect and remove local viruses, variant viruses, Trojan horses and malicious programs
Rising Antivirus will provide your computer with constant protection against unwanted threats.

Detect and remove local viruses, variant viruses, Trojan horses and malicious programs with Rising Antivirus. Files, e-mails, memory and Web pages are under the all-in- one real-time monitoring system.

Smart Upgrade technology can actively upgrade the software through Internet connections. Optimization for CPU improves the efficiency of virus scanning and real-time monitoring. Supports running program and files scanning, compressed file scanning.

Here are some key features of “Rising Antivirus”:

? New high-speed scan engine
The new Rising Antivirus high-speed engine is faster and more accurate. It can detect viruses in most types of compressed files.

? Unknown Virus Scan technology
The Rising Antivirus Unknown Virus Scan technology can scan unknown DOS, email, script, macro and Windows viruses, keeping you one step ahead of unknown future viruses.

? Auto-Protect
Rising Antivirus offers Memory Monitor, File Monitor, Boot Records Monitor, Registry Protect, Script Blocking, Outgoing Email Scan, Incoming Email Scan and Vulnerability Defense, providing constant protection for your computer. These features not only scan all known viruses but also take preventive measures against unknown viruses and Trojans.

? SmartUpdate
SmartUpdate can automatically check for available updates, download and install them silently in the background. If Rising Personal Firewall is installed, it can block attacks by Blast, Sasser and Zotob worms, Trojans, spyware and hackers while you are SmartUpdating.

? Pre-Login Scan
Some viruses and Trojans cannot easily be cleaned when logged into Windows. Pre-Login Scan allows you to scan and clean them before logging into Windows to provide extra security.

? Spam filter
The Rising spam filter features Bayesian and blacklist/whitelist techniques, which significantly improve the accuracy of spam recognition. This feature supports most common email clients including Outlook and Outlook Express.

? Shortcut Scan
This feature allows the user to quickly perform a scan that has been defined in advance. The user can easily create a custom scan and add a shortcut to the desktop.

? Embedded Scan for Office and IE
Embedded Scan can add protection features to Office, IE and any other programs you select. Anytime you open an Office document, it will be scanned for macros. Any ActiveX controls downloaded by IE will be scanned. You can also add this feature to other programs such as Instant Messaging.

? Screen Saver Scan
This will scan for viruses in the background while the screen saver is running, enabling you to use your computer’s idle time efficiently.

? Logs
Rising Antivirus keeps detailed logs that give you a full overview of all scans, viruses and attacks on your system.

? Supports multiple compression formats
Rising Antivirus supports most compression formats in DOS, Windows and UNIX, such as ZIP, GZIP, ARJ, CAB, RAR, ZOO, ARC, 7-ZIP, etc., including files that have been compressed multiple times to evade detection.

· CPU: PIII 500 MHz or higher
· RAM: 64 MB or above
· Display: Standard VGA, 24-bit true color
· Others: CD-ROM drive, floppy drive, mouse


· 31 days trial
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· New high-speed scan engine
· Mini-scan

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