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Safespace Antivirus and Spyware for Windows

SafeSpace description

Protects computers from Internet malware infection without the need for signature updates or regular maintenance.
SafeSpace protects your from malware by creating a impenetrable shield between your computer and the Internet, protecting you and your personal information against all known and unknown threats.

SafeSpace creates a virtual environment, called a sandbox, for Internet facing applications and content that is downloaded from these applications. From inside SafeSpace, all changes to your application files, system files and registry become virtualized in an instance.

These virtualized changes only affect applications inside the sandbox, leaving the native computer in an unmodified state. When the SafeSpace session ends, or the user logs off, all changes are deleted.


· Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
· PC with 400Mhz Processer, or higher
· 128 Megabytes RAM, or higher
· 10 Megabytes disk space (Installation)
· Up to 200 Megabytes disk space (Usage)

What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· New engine supporting virtual services
Bug fixes:
· Virtual executables no longer crash if they are run from a folder that only exists virtually
· Fixed a bug in registry merging which caused a CPU intensive loop
· Internet Explorer default search options are now honored in SafeSpace
· Secured ?Disable SafeSpace? function to ensure processes cannot respawn
· Vista Parental Controls are now supported
· Firefox now launches in SafeSpace when hyperlinks are clicked in Microsoft Office documents and Outlook emails.
· Fixed an environment block bug which caused OperaTor and XeroBank browsers to crash
· Improved support for Removable Media folder exclusions
· Improved support for tagged internet files on Vista

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