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Shadowuser 20225 Antivirus and Spyware for Windows

ShadowUser description

ShadowUser eliminates spyware, viruses, adware and other unwanted PC changes
ShadowStor solutions provide the following benefits:
· Eliminate Spyware
· Avoid Viruses
· Surf the Internet Without a Trace
· Instantly Undo Unwanted System Changes
· Immediate PC or Server Recovery

ShadowUser offers you internet security, virus protection, PC and server recovery and internet file blocking.

The ShadowStor Approach ShadowStor solutions have minimal impact to the current configuration of your server or PC. ShadowStor technology captures a snapshot of your system volume(s) and runs an exact duplicate of your server or PC in a virtual state.

This virtual state, called ShadowMode, allows the user to use the server or PC as normal, but without actually writing to the hard drive. If PC changes and folder or files changes occur during a ShadowMode session, then these changes can be automatically or manually committed to the hard drive or discarded.

Running in ShadowMode provides the following benefits:
· A non-instrusive approach to security and data protection
· Provides a proactive approach and eliminates server and PC problems before they occur
· Gives full control back to the IT professional or PC user to maximize system uptime
· Minimizes IT complexity and reduces the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
· Uses minimal system resources and returns the resources when the ShadowMode session is ended

There are many solutions on the market today that are trying to solve PC security and data protection challenges, but many of these solutions are addressing problems that should never exist. In many instances, the product that is supposed to be solving a particular issue with security and data protection is intrusive and compounding the problem.

ShadowStor solutions provide a proactive approach and eliminate many of the challenges with spyware, viruses and other unwanted PC changes before they occur.


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