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SpyDefy description

Secure your PC against potential malware threats
Research shows that new computers can get infected by malicious software within 14 minutes of connecting to the internet. This includes Spyware, Adware, Key-Loggers, Browser Hijackers and other malware that may have been created to collect your personal information.

SpyDefy is an application which can can help you scan, identify and clean the malware from your comoputer in just a few minutes. And to prevent future infections, SpyDefy’s real time guards protect against new malware around the clock, protecting you silently and automatically.

SpyDefy uses proprietary techniques to achieve rapid spyware scans and utilizes low memory consumption. This means that SpyDefy will not hog your system resources, freeing you to enjoy computer games, watch videos and browse the internet without any interruptions or slowdowns.

ByteCrusher SpyDefy has a dedicated team of anti spyware experts working around the clock to ensure that your computer is protected against any new threats before they can cause damage to your system.
Here are some key features of “SpyDefy”:

One Click Scan:
· ByteCrusher SpyDefy can scan and clean your system with a single click of the mouse, making it easy to use by anyone.

Thorough Scanning:
· ByteCrusher SpyDefy scans your system in 4 broad categories. These categories include
· Cookies
· Memory
· Registry
· Files and Folders

· If you are an advanced user, you can easily customize the scan using the “custom scan” feature to specify exactly which areas of your PC will be cleaned.

12 Real Time Shields:
ByteCrusher SpyDefy has 12 Real Time guards, which monitor your system for any changes to vulnerable areas of your PC and prevent malware from making unwanted changes. These guards include:
· URL Search Guard
· IE Toolbar
· AppInit DLLs
· Running Process
· Windows Host File Monitor
· Win logon Shell
· Startup Files
· Startup Registry files
· IE Home Page Shield
· IE Safe Sites
· IE Trusted Sites
· Browser Helper Objects

· SpyDefy’s real time protection shields stop malware from taking control over your PC by preventing malicious programs from ever getting started in the first place.

Scheduled Scanning:
· Besides real time protection against threats, ByteCrusher SpyDefy can be scheduled to scan and clean your system automatically at predetermined intervals. Scheduling scans helps ensure that dormant malware is identified and removed before it can cause harm to the system. If you use your computer frequently during work hours, you can schedule a scan for after hours and ByteCrusher SpyDefy will scan and clean your system when you aren’t using it.

Detailed Malware Information:
· Unlike some untrustworthy applications, ByteCrusher SpyDefy does not increase spyware counts artificially by displaying false-positives. The entire database of malware definitions is backed by a malware library to provide you detailed information about any file or program which is identified as malicious.

Regularly Updated Database:
· ByteCrusher SpyDefy’s definition database is updated regularly so that your computer may be protected against newly released spyware. Our team of dedicated engineers ensures that you are always one step ahead of Malware by keeping your system updated with solutions to the newest threats.


· Processor Pentium 600 MHz or faster
· RAM 128 MB
· Hard Disk 200 MB of free disk space
· Browser Internet Explorer (Version 6 or higher)
· Graphics Mode 800×600 with 24 bit colors


· 30 days trial
· Nag screen

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