Windows Antivirus

Swat It 490 Antivirus and Spyware for Windows

Swat It description

This is a program that scans your files for Trojans, Worms, Bots and other Hacker programs
Swat It can detect and remove over 4000 different Trojan programs plus variants. Swat It was recently independently tested against popular commercial scanning software and we were absolutely delighted by the results.

Swat It has been independently tested against popular commercial scanning software by a Licensed User with promising results..

It is important to remember that once the installation of Swat It is completed, that you should update the File Signatures by clicking on the Update tab.

All Product and File Signature Updates are Totally FREE, this means that you will never have to pay a single penny to get the very latest version of Swat It or to update the File Signatures monthly.


· Swat It will not scan the contents of compressed files unless you choose the option from the Options menu.
· Does not provide background scanning
· No intelligence or generic detection methods

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