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Ultimate Process Manager Antivirus and Spyware for Windows

Ultimate Process Manager description

This application was created to help you manage the processes on your computer, but also to remove all malware.
Ultimate Process Manager (UPM) is extended task manager focused on fight against viruses or other unasked malicious software. So in hands of experienced users, UPM is able to fully replace many other inefficient tools for automatic malware cleaning. Though it seems on the first look that this program is not suitable for beginners, it is not the case. Due to the possibility of exporting the global analysis of your running system to a text file, you will be able to discuss all your issues with experts, whenever you need to.

What UPM offers except basic functions like forced process termination and erasing processes? UPM is developed in the way so it can face up to all current threats, even to them which haven’t been abused by viruses yet.
Here are some key features of “Ultimate Process Manager”:

· Mass actions with more proceses together
· Removing abilities of running programs like disabling access to registry, executing next programs, etc.
· Showing exhaustive details about process
· Analysis of process – depicting what is interesting or suspicious on the process
· Detection of hidden proceses, modules, infections with PE viruses and Alternate Data Streams
· Simple management and classification of programs after startup, services, drivers and modules loaded into memory
· Information about opened files, possibility to delete them immediately or after restart
· Management of locks, removing and adding them (locking access to File manager, Regedit, possibility of desktop editation, …)
· Direct access to hard drive with possibility to write
· Complex tools for process, which are handy for all kind of programmers and revers engineers
· Window manager with many various functions and possibilities
· List of all network connections and their relation to processes with possibility to immediately cut them off
· Monitoring processes, watching their access to files, registry and other processes
· Extended execution of other programs, including choosing execute function and its flags
· Guarding files with MD5 hashes

What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· SSDT (hook test) & kernel modules (Small ARK, for this version only XP supported)
· added new startup points (Next tools)
· faster whitelist usage
· possibility to use small window of UPM (Settings)

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