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Vanguard Antivirus and Spyware for Windows

Vanguard description

Enterprise class anti virus and anti spam protection to multiple internal mail servers
With Vanguard you get complete protection for your mail server. Vanguard has a number of advanced features that allow tight integration into systems comprising any combination of messaging servers including their infrastructure requirements such as Active Directory.

Dual anti virus scanning engines provide both traditional signature based virus protection and advanced Zero Hour protection. The use of such complementary technologies provides a high level of protection to end users. Outbound scanning further protects your corporate reputation and ensures infected messages are never transmitted in either direction.

Vanguard delivers large quantities of e-mail messages quickly and efficiently. It does this by using sophisticated queuing algorithms to re-use connections, and by using Enhanced SMTP and other features. This means you do not need a top range PC to run Vanguard.

Vanguard reduces the bandwidth needed to deliver and accept messages to and from the Internet. You can limit the bandwidth used for outgoing mail to avoid saturating a low bandwidth link.
Here are some key features of “Vanguard”:

· Zero Hour Anti Virus technology
· Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD)
· Internet Watch Foundation (IWF)
· Scored Restricted Words
· Restricted Word lists
· Sender Policy Framework (SPF)
· Protects any type of internal mail server including
· Exchange and Notes.
· Dual anti virus scanning engines – high level of protection
· Zero hour Anti SpamAnti Virus technology –
· constantly monitoring internet for new threats
· Virtually no false positivefalse negative Anti Spam matches
· Stops image only spam
· Automatic user authentication against internal mail server
· Minimal configuration required – works out of the box
· Automatic message routing to internal server
· Automatic ASAV signature updates
· Language independent
· Outbound scanning for further protection
· User, System and Domain level Quarantine
· Automatic Quarantine reminder emails
· Comprehensive User, System and Domain level whitelisting
· Flexible and comprehensive Anti Spam features
· Flexible Anti Virus configuration
· Includes Bayesian filters and phrase based checks
· No limitations on amount of messages or bandwidth
· No specialised hardware needed
· No specialist administrator needed
· Protection for over 100,000 known viruses
· Stops acceptance of messages onto mail servers
· No limit on number of domains
· Protects multiple internal mail servers
· Individual and group user profiles
· Web enabled admin interface
· Multi platform – Windows, Linux, AIX and Solaris
· SELinux Support
· Proxy server support and virus scanning of web pages
· SSL enable
· Remote monitoring available


· 14 days trial
· It will stop allowing you to read your email or send mail after 3 days

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