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F-Secure Anti-Virus for Servers description

F-Secure Anti-Virus will protect your server for viruses
F-Secure features the new revolutionary CounterSign technology that combines multiple virus scanning engines into a single framework using the F-PROT and AVP antivirus engines simultaneously.

CounterSign permits seamless integration of the capabilities of different antivirus technologies, allowing the use of several scanning engines to scan files side by side achieving current and future protection against virus threats.

F-Secure will scan and check the boot sector areas of your hard drive, as well as documents, archived ZIP and LZH files, executable files for viruses, trojan horses and Macro viruses.

Other features include an intuitive user interface, the ability to start a scan by clicking on an icon on the Desktop or by dragging files directly to the F-Secure window, background scanning and comprehensive scheduling options.

Here are some key features of “F Secure AntiVirus for Servers”:

· Automatic installations and updates
· Automatic virus definition updates
· Terminal server support
· Automatic reports
· 24/7 on-line protection


· 30 days trial

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