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Protector Plus for Exchange description

Protector Plus antivirus software for Exchange Server
Protector Plus for Exchange is an anti-virus tool designed for Microsoft Exchange server.

Protector Plus scans all the emails received by the mail server and it blocks all the infected emails. Protector Plus ensures that the network will be free of viruses that spread through email. Protector Plus detects emails infected by all types of viruses, trojans and worms before they reach the user’s inbox.

Protector Plus for Exchange is packed with many useful features like remote management, email alerts, InstaUpdate, quarantine, compressed files scanning and many more.

Protector Plus antivirus software can be remotely managed from anywhere in the network. The remote management software can be used to monitor the activities on the email server and to configure Protector Plus.

Protector Plus can be configured to send email alerts to the sender of the infected email, to the intended recipient and to the administrator when it detects a virus.

It maintains informative log files which can be used to analyze the virus incidents and to implement security policies. The InstaUpdate feature of Protector Plus will automatically download the virus database updates from the developer’s web site free of cost.

The updates are released every week and in case of emergencies. Protector Plus for Exchange is easy to install and use. This software works on Exchange 2000 server. This software is a 30 day evaluation copy. Download Protector Plus for Exchange and try free of cost.

Here are some key features of “Protector Plus for Exchange”:

· Protector Plus for Exchange scans all the incoming mails, including attachments, before they arrive at the users’ mailboxes. Only those emails that do not contain any malware are allowed to pass through the scanning program. Infected emails are blocked. This ensures that no user will get an infected email and the entire network is protected from malware like viruses, trojans, worms, etc., that arrive through email. Protector Plus can be configured to disinfect, delete or quarantine the infected emails.
· Protector Plus for Exchange comes with a configuration program that can be run from any workstation connected to the Exchange server. This program can be used to view the scanning activity on the server, configure the scan options and virus alerts, view reports, etc..
· Protector Plus for Exchange can send virus alerts when it detects a virus in the email. These alerts can be sent to the sender of the infected email, recipients of the infected email, the Administrator or to a list of pre-configured users. The message format to each one of these can also be configured. The alerts sent to the Administrator and to the list of users can be in a digest form as well.
· The remote management program of Protector Plus for Exchange can be used to monitor all the activity done by Protector Plus on the Exchange server. Activity details like the sender of infected emails, the recipients, the attachment details, the action taken by Protector Plus, the total number of emails received, number of infected emails, etc. can be monitored on-line.
· Protector Plus for Exchange connects automatically to Protector Plus Console or configured website and checks for the availability of upgrades. If it finds either a product update or new virus database files, it picks the update and automatically upgrades the V-Trap.
· The virus database updates are released every week. Emergency updates are released whenever there is an outbreak of a virus in the wild. The frequency to connect to our site to check for the updates can be configured.
· Protector Plus for Exchange has the quarantine facility to safely keep the infected files for further analysis. Infected files will be moved to the quarantine folder. The quarantined files will be encrypted and they cannot infect the system. These quarantined files can be restored for further scanning or deleted.
· Protector Plus for Exchange can generate reports that will help the Administrator to understand the virus detection activity done on the server, the origin of the infected emails and their intended recipients. Reports can be viewed for a combination of date range, recipient mailboxes and viruses detected. These reports are useful in implementing user policies and to take corrective actions.


· 30 days trial

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