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Dr.Web Security Space description

A powerful software suite designed to secure your PC
Dr.Web Security Space is a complete solution that will allow you to protect your computer against various external threats.

Dr.Web Security Space brings you several security tools that work together to provide the best protection for your PC:
· Anti-virus – best active infection curing
· HTTP-monitor – real-time scan of web-pages and guaranteed downloading of virus free web-content
· Anti-rootkit – reliable protection against malicious programs featuring rootkit technologies
· Anti-spyware – security of your personal information – best of breed detection of Trojans and key loggers
· Anti-spam – efficient detection of spam with false detection reaching zero
· Parental control – protection against cyber fraud targeting children
Here are some key features of “Dr.Web Security Space”:

· Detection and neutralization of malware on hard drives, removable data storage devices and in RAM
· Real-time interception of all calls to files on CD/DVD/ Blue –ray/Flash-drives and smart cards
· Detection of viruses using rootkit technologies
· Protection against unknown threats powered by non-signature detection technology Origins Tracing and the intelligent heuristic analyzer
· Detection of viruses placed in an archive at any nesting level
· The FLY-CODE technology allows checking files compressed by unknown packers
· Virus scan of SMTP/POP3/NNTP/IMAP traffic
· Protection against mass mailings performed by a mail worm from an infected machine
· Filtering on-the-fly of spam, scams, bounces, phishing and pharming messages.
· Real-time scan of web-pages ensuring that a user receives only clean web-content
· Block of access to phishing sites and other fraudulent web-resources
· Protection against unwanted content
· Block of access to web-sites based 10 categories
· Block of access to movable media, network devices , files and folders on hard drives which protects from destroying or stealing of vital data
· Protection against cyber crime targeting children
· Protection against annoying Internet ads
· Protection of account information related to online games, social networks, electronic money systems, credit card numbers and PIN codes
· Detection of spam-bots
· On demand/scheduled scan
· Automatic updating


· 30 days trial

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