Windows Antivirus

Virus Detector 16855 Antivirus and Spyware for Windows

Virus Detector description

Virus Detector is a very powerfull spyware, firewall protection tool
Virus Detector has two parts: VDetector and VMonitor

How does it work:
VDetector creates file information database of files with extensions
default (exe;dll;com;ocx;vbs;vtx;xml;xsl;vsc) from Windows directory
and from other directories in your computer that you choose manually and it detects:
· File size changes
· New Files
· Deleted files

Virus Detector also detects registry changes:
· New values
· Deleted values in Windows startup keys and from other keys that you choose manually.

When suspicious file was detected program has very powerfull functions and tools for their termination and for damage prevention that thouse files could cause.

Virus Detector also detects internet and network connection, traffic, and all addresses that you visit.

All directories must be defined in file information database before detection.

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