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W32/BLASTER Remover description

Clean the Blaster worm from your PC
Blaster is a worm that exploits the Buffer Overrun in RPC Interface vulnerability to spread to as many computers as possible.

Blaster launches denial of service (DoS) attacks against the website. Whenever the system date is between the days 15 and 31 of every month, or every day during the months September through December of every year, Blaster sends a 40 byte packet every 20 milliseconds, using the TCP port 80.

Blaster spreads by attacking IP addresses generated at random and exploits the vulnerability mentioned above to download a copy of itself to the compromised computer. In order to do this, Blaster incorporates its own TFTP (Trivial File Transfer Protocol) server.

W32/BLASTER Remover will enable you to get rid of the worm infection in a flash!

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