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Windows Malware Protection (Wimp) is a freeware utility that will help you protect your system from malicious worms and trojans
Windows Malware Protection (or “Wimp” in short) is a freeware software tool that will help you protect your system from malicious worms and trojans.

Wimp was initially designed to remove the many common “flash drive” viruses, i.e. those that spread through USB flash drives; as of now, Wimp detects and removes 11 of these “flash drive” viruses.

Although the number of detected viruses may seem small in comparison to the huge number of viruses on the Internet, Wimp has several mechanisms that make removal of other viruses by other specialised software much easier.

Here are some key features of “Wimp”:

· Prevents changes to crucial Windows settings such as Windows logon shell and the Userinit value in the registry
· Prevents malicious programs from disabling Task Manager, Registry Editor, Command Prompt and prevents removal of Folder Options from the Explorer menu
· Notifies the user of changes to the Internet Explorer homepage and search page

Note: To make the best use of Wimp, place it in your Startup folder.

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