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WinCleaner Antivirus description

WinCleaner Antivirus provides complete protection, detection and elimination of thousands of computer viruses, worms, Trojans
WinCleaner Antivirus 8.0 series is the latest version of the award winning antivirus protection software for your home and home office PC. WinCleaner Antivirus will provide you with full detection/protection and will destroy thousands of PC viruses, Trojans, worms and malicious Spyware like dialers.


· 32 MB of Ram
· 20 MB of Hard Disk Space
· 16 Bit Graphics Card
· Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher Internet Connection Required For Updates


· 20 days trial

What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Completely new Graphical User Interface which makes it more easy to use and understand. The User Interface is designed totally starting from scratch with keeping in mind the needs of users as we have analyzed feedback of 100s of users on it.
· DNAScan Technology it?s a signature free technology not dependent on upgrades to detect new malwares. It looks at the genes of the program to discover if it has any malicious intent. It will protect your system from new and unknown threats.
· Powerful platform independent scan engine new version is build upon a new advanced scan engine which is designed on a total platform independent technology. Its more fast and can scan inside multiple layers of archive and embedded files.
· Support for new archive formats like CHM, GZI, TAR, and TNEF is added.
· Drag ?N? Drop scanning has been added in the scanner. Now you can simply drag and drop any files or folder on WinCleaner Scanner, it will scan the provided object and let you informs the result.
· WinCleaner Scanner now supports multiple instances loading. Now multiple instances of scanner can be loaded to scan different location at the same time.
· More control while scanning is taking place, with user having facility to skip a folder or a file that is being scanned at a click of a button.
· Memory scanning has been enhanced. Now you have option to scan memory for running processes or running process along with their dynamic libraries.
· DNAScan has been also implemented in memory scanning which detects and eliminates new malicious threats even without updating the Anti-Virus.
· Automatic and e-mail client independent mail protection, that scans emails in real time for any POP3 e-mail client.
· Hourly update system has been introduced.
· Service Packs for WinCleaner can be applied using normal updates only. This removes the restrain of downloading and applying separate service pack executables.
· Automatic update is now more optional. Now you may or may not have the Update notification window in case of automatic updates.
· Powerful Quarantine tool has been integrated. DNAScan suspected file can be submitted to Research Lab using Quarantine tool.
· Schedule scan has been improved. Now you can have multiple schedule scans at different time for different locations. Additionally you can also repeat the schedule scan at your desirable time.
· New emergency disk feature has been introduced. Now you can have your Emergency disk or Command line scanner sets ready at any time. Keep your AntiVirus updated and gets the updated copy of Emergency disk or Command line scanner using Emergency Disk Tool.
· New Virus list feature has been introduced. Virus List automatically reads the virus name and their categories type from Signature pattern files and shows you always update list viruses and other malwares detected by WinCleaner.
· Password Protection has been introduced. Now secure your WinCleaner settings with Password Protection.
· Now you have option to delete the Reports and Quarantined files at specific schedules.
· DBX scanning has been improved. Now while repairing under DBX the infected part will be deleted only instead of entire mail.

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