VisualZone Report Utility Security Related Security for Windows

An intrusion analyser and report utility for ZoneAlarm and ZoneAlarm Pro
VisualZone Report Utility is a report utility and an intrusion analyser for ZoneAlarm and ZoneAlarm Pro.It displays a clear overview of all intrusion attempts and allows you to analyse the information in lots of different ways. VisualZone can perform a backtrace to try to find even more information about the intruder.

You can even automate the process so that a backtrace is performed automatically when new attacks are detected. VisualZone can also submit intrusion attempts to DShield for further analysis.

Whether simply trying to find out more or wanting to dig deeper inside the hackers mind, VisualZone is the right tool for the job. And it doesn`t require any technical knowledge to get the job done.

And best of all, VisualZone Report Utility is absolutely FREE !
What’s New in This Release: [ read full changelog ]

· Whois – The problem with the ARIN whois server has been solved. It works even better now. VisualZone will now perform multiple queries to find additional information if available.
· Load VisualZone on startup – This new configuration option has been added to the Preferences tab in the VisualZone configuration window. In previous versions you were only offered the option to start VisualZone automatically, when you installed the software. You can now turn the option on and off from the configuration window.
· Abuse Notification E-mail text – You can now change the default text of the Abuse Notification E-mail from the VisualZone configuration window. Choose Tools and Options from the menu and select the Miscellaneous tab. Click the Edit Text button to edit the default Abuse Notification E-mail text.
· Backup and clear attack list – This function hasn’t changed, only the description in the menu. The original description “Clear attack list” didn’t make it clear that the ZoneAlarm log file would be backed up first. This menu option is more useful for ZoneAlarm version 2.x users. ZoneAlarm 3 archives its log file automatically. Unfortunately you cannot turn archiving off in ZoneAlarm version 3.x. VisualZone 6.0, scheduled for release later this year, will introduce a new log file manager which will compensate for ZoneAlarm’s archiving feature. This will be especially useful for users of the free version of ZoneAlarm 3 because the free version archives its log file every day.
· View last announcement – This new menu item has been added to the Help menu. It allows you to return to the last announcement web page that VisualZone received. In previous versions you had no option to return to an announcement unless you had bookmarked the web page. The new menu item automatically remembers the web address for you so you can return to it any time you want.
· Keyboard shortcuts – VisualZone now has a keyboard shortcut for almost all of its features. You can find out what the shortcuts are by browsing through the menu.
· Backtrace and location information format – VisualZone 5.7 stores the backtrace and location information differently from previous versions. The new format is faster, but more importantly it uses significantly less disk space. Any existing information is automatically converted into the new format during Setup so you don’t loose any data. Please note that Setup does not automatically remove the old information after the conversion has completed in case you still need it for whatever reason. If you decide you don’t need the information anymore you can simply delete the “Whois” folder in the VisualZone program folder.
· Automatically check for updates – The automatic update check feature now works differently. In previous versions, VisualZone would check for updates a few seconds after starting VisualZone. This was undesirable specifically for modem users because the “Dial-up” window would pop-up each time VisualZone was started and an Internet connection was not available. Version 5.7 will check for updates only if an Internet connection is already available so modem users can enable the ‘check for updates’ option too.
· Windows 2000 and XP user accounts – VisualZone now stores its configuration and database files in folders that are compatible with Windows 2000 and XP’s ‘limited’ user accounts. This prevents the access denied error (#5) when running VisualZone on Windows 2000 or XP while being logged in as a ‘limited’ user. Please note that VisualZone still needs access rights to the folder where ZoneAlarm stores its log file.
· Splash screen – The VisualZone startup ‘splash’ window will now be disabled if the “Minimize to system tray on startup” option is enabled. You can also disable the splash screen completely by adding nosplash to the VisualZone command line.
· ‘Close’ command-line option – You can now close VisualZone from a batch file by adding the word close to the VisualZone command-line. The CloseVZ.exe program no longer works with VisualZone 5.7 or higher.

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