BufferZone Security Pro Security Related Security for Windows

Run and install anything in a virtual zone – risk free of viruses and spyware!
BufferZone Security Pro will let you download files from any website, run any program, and open any email attachment with complete safety.

BufferZone’s virtualization technology creates an isolated zone on your PC, which separates your operating system and confidential data from unknown programs, downloads and files.

Unlike anti-virus and anti-spyware software, BufferZone requires no signature updates at all, while protecting your PC against spyware, viruses and adware – even new and yet unknown ones. Moreover, your sensitive data is immune from theft or damage.

BufferZone ”automagically” protects you against vulnerabilities from all sources, such as external media, P2P, instant messaging, Web browsing, email, or network shares.
Here are some key features of “BufferZone Security Pro”:

Application Virtualization:
· Install and run any application in a Virtual Zone, isolated from your operating system, and from your sensitive information and files.

Confidential Files and Folders:
· Any file or folder marked as “Confidential” remains invisible and inaccessible to programs running within the Virtual Zone.

Forbidden Files and Programs:
· Get rid of “parasitic” files and programs once and for all.

External Media Protection:
· Access, copy, and run any file from any external or removable media, such as USB flash disks, CD-ROMs, external hard drives, and even network shares. BufferZone will automatically run any file or program from any of these sources in the Virtual Zone.

Email Attachment Protection:
· Open any email attachment safely. BufferZone will automatically intercept attachments and run them in the Virtual Zone.

Single-Click Cleaning:
· One click allows you to completely reset your Virtual Zone from any litter left behind by any type of malicious software.

Real-Time Security Monitor:
· Know exactly what BufferZone Pro protects you against in real time.

Automatic Notifications:
· Stay in tune with new software versions and updates.


· Pentium 3 or higher, 400Mhz (At least 800 Mhz for Vista)
· 20 MB hard drive space.
· 128 MB RAM (min. 512 MB for Vista)
· A graphic processor that is DirectX 9 capable (for Vista)
· Recommendation: 10 Gb hard drive space for the virtual files and folders (for Vista)


· 30 days evaluation period

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