Don t Spy On Me Security Related Security for Windows

Find Spies in Your Computer, E-mail, Online Chats, and Private Documents
Who is spying on your computer activity? Using the Don’t Spy On Me tool you can discover spies.

Send a fake E-mail into your inbox to lure any spies or unauthorized viewers of your E-mail into opening the fake message, which will reveal information about the spy including their geographic location, the date and time they opened the message, and possibly other information.

Discover if anyone else is accessing your computer without your knowledge by placing a fake, customizable icon on your desktop to trick unauthorized users on your computer into clicking the icon, which will also log information about the spy.

A Spy-Catch URL may also be created to place in other locations such as private chats, password-protected documents, and hidden files. View the activity log anytime to see when spies have accessed your E-mail, desktop, private online conversations, or protected files.
Here are some key features of “Don’t Spy On Me”:

· Don’t Spy On My E-mail – Send yourself a customized “Spy-Catch E-mail” to trick hackers and spies into opening it and revealing who they really are.

· Don’t Spy On My Desktop – Create a fake, customized desktop icon to lure any spies on your computer into clicking it, which will permanently record their activity.

· Generate a “Spy-Catch URL” – Create and and place your Spy-Catch URL in any E-mail, chat, document, or file on your computer that you would like to monitor for spies.

· View Spy Activity Log – Check your activity log anytime to see if someone opened your Spy-Catch E-mail, clicked your Desktop icon, or clicked your custom Spy-Catch URL.


· Try out all the features of Don’t Spy On Me without any restrictions Free for 30 days.
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