Max Eraser Secure cleaning Security for Windows

Max Eraser cleans your System, clear your Internet history and instant-messaging files for optimum performance
Max Eraser cleans your System, clear your Internet history and instant-messaging files for optimum performance.

It has very powerful features that provides file encryption, file shredding, stealth feature and a home-page lock.

The stealth feature hides the operation of this advanced privacy system. The program erases the site address bar, the recent files list, your cache, the cookies, the favorites, the history logs and the auto complete Web addresses. You also have the ability to save selected cookies from elimination.

Max Eraser is compatible with IE, MSN, AOL, Opera and Netscape browsers. There is an integrated file-shredder button in the new version. Settings feature allows you to make Settings of your choice.

Here are some key features of “Max Eraser”:

· PC History Cleaner
· Evidence Eliminator
· Webwasher / Internet History Eraser / Tracks Eraser
· Destroy / Shred All Evidence of Cookies, Temp Files, Index.dat
· Destroy / Shred All MSN IM History
· Destroy / Shred All Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, AOL, and Opera history.
· Destroy / Shred All Kaaza Media Desktop, Morpheus, BearShare, and iMesh peer to peer file sharing program history.
· Overwrite erase categories with random values and set the number of times to overwrite the data before deleting.
· Bleach free space and deleted files on your hard drive making them unrecoverable.
· Quick Erase commonly selected categories and items
· Schedule Start Erase function by day, date, and time.
· Extend The Functionality of MaxEraser 4.2 with PlugIns that can be configured to erase history files for other applications such as Adobe Acrobat, JASC PaintShop Pro, RealOne Player, Adobe Photoshop, and Macromedia Flash Player, Eudora, among others.
· Create and set up custom PlugIns for other applications on your system.
· File Encryption Software
· File Shredder Software
· Home Page Lock – Prevent Home Page Hijacking
· Hijack Scan Utility
· Hide Your Browser Window Function
· Stealth Mode – Hide MaxEraser 4.2 from view
· Free Upgrades For ONE YEAR.


· 15 days trial

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