PCMaid Secure cleaning Security for Windows

PCMaid finds all of your temporary files, internet tracks, and other security related tracks your computer usage creates
PCMaid is the premiere privacy utility, featuring a host of options, yet easy enough for anyone to use. With the fastest scan speeds available, PCMaid finds all of your temporary files, internet tracks, and other security related tracks your computer usage creates.

Besides the more commonly known security & privacy issues, PCMaid also scans for other items not found with other privacy software. This includes Thumbs.db files , which allows anyone to see what pictures you have deleted.

Other unique features are PCMaid’s empty folder finder which reduces explorer clutter by finding and removing empty folders. This also includes Hidden Recycling Bins on your PC, which often keep copies of files you have long ago deleted. Security threats like secretly shared drives & folders are also found, and removed.

Besides the tremendous scan speed, PCMaid boasts a suite of built in tools including the Startup Manager, Service Manager, Favorites Safe , Secure Trash-Bin, & DNB (Delete On Next Boot File Removal Tool). Although these tools are all built into PCMaid.exe, they can be accessed & used independently. Offering all you will need to keep your privacy intact, and your hard drives space free of wasted space.

Here are some key features of “PCMaid”:

· Dual Interface: Novices to Pros can appreciate the direct interfaces offered by PCMaid. For people want a simple 2 click PC cleaning solution, use PCMaid’s Basic Interface. The Basic interface makes cleaning your pc as simple as 2 clicks, with no hassle associated with needing to learn what each option stands for. The advanced interface offers options, tools, and the flexibility advanced computer users crave. Easily switch back and forth from basic, to advanced interface at any time with one click.
· Lightening Fast PC Cleaning: With the fastest scan speeds available, PCMaid allows you to clean your PC, when you want it cleaned. In seconds, your selected scan types will blaze through your hard drive and locate files which either pose a privacy or security threat and add them to your scan results list for appropriate handling. Secure deletion allow you to remove those files according to your discretion. Encrypt, rename, and erase files by overwriting them as many times as you wish. PCMaid’s exclusive scan types build off of common privacy related files locations, and enhance scanning functionality by adding even more never before seen resolve to new temporary file locations.
· Favorites Safe: Never before seen bundled in privacy software, there is finally a way to keep your lists of favorite web sites from the prying eyes of others. Included in PCMaid is Favorites Safe. Easily password protect your own list of web sites. High strength encryption allows you to store your favorites in complete privacy. Favorites Safe can be run completely independent of PCMaid. In other words, Favorites Safe functions as a completely separate program although its built right in to PCMaid!
· Startup Manager: PCMaid allows you to select exactly what application run at your pcs boot up time. This can allow you to stop security threats, and increase boot up time by eliminating unwanted applications from automatically running. Feel free to remove anything from your startup list. PCMaid keeps record, and backup of those removed items so they can be restored at any time with one click.
· Service Manager: PCMaid features a robust Service Manager. Allowing you to configure your services as you feel fit. Featuring the ability to save and load presets, this service manager saves time by automated setting of startup type, and run type. Don’t waste time manually adjusting your services list again. You can easily restore your factory preset services with the click of a button.
· Secure File Removal: Securely remove items found during the scan, or manually added items using our secure deletion feature. Our secure deletion methods are equal to government strength. Utilizing 3 one way encryption methods your selected files are “eliminated”,, Then using up to 256 overwrites, that encrypted data is covered in 1’s and 0’s.
· Delete on Next Boot (DNB): Our Delete on Next Boot list allows you to add files from your scan or manually to a list which runs at next boot up to delete files currently in use. We have all encountered files giving us that annoying popup “cannot delete file in use”, and now there is a simple solution. DNB files can be set individually to delete using our Secure Deletion methods.
· System Tools: Easily view open ports, Refresh and Renew your IP, or check your OS’s system files. Valuable tools available with one or two simple clicks.
· Web Update System : Easily check for, and download updates to PCMaid and its documentation. 1 simple update accomplished updates for every component of PCMaid

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