Personal Desktop Spy Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

Personal Desktop Spy – an invisible PC activity monitoring tool that captures screenshots of the active application
Personal Desktop Spy is an invisible PC activity monitoring software that captures screenshots of the active application window or the entire desktop at the predefined time intervals varying from 1 second to several hours and saves the recorded images to

The images can later be viewed with the built-in image viewer or any external software (Personal Desktop Spy can save screenshots either as Windows bitmaps or in the industry standard JPEG format with custom compression level).

This tiny and smart spy software can be used at home to control what the members of your family do on the PC when you are not watching. Personal Desktop Spy is also a great employee monitoring and surveillance tool that can help you prevent the misuse of corporate resources and other, more serious, incidents.

Desktop Spy loads on Windows startup and quietly runs in the background completely hidden from everyone but you. Personal Desktop Spy uses very little resources and does not degrade the performance of the system it is running on.

The customizable hot keys enable you to start and stop monitoring, display and hide the program window, view the captured images or quit the program completely.

Personal Desktop Spy can also be password-protected, so that even if someone learns the hot key, he or she will not be able to disable the snooper or modify any of its settings.


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