Rubbish Eraser Secure cleaning Security for Windows

Rubbish Eraser is a computer tracks clean tool, it will protect your privacy
Privacy Protect – Rubbish Eraser is a computer tracks clean tool, this tool will protect your privacy by cleaning all tracks on your computer(including internet and system activities).

1) Windows files and registry entry including:
· Recent document list
· Run history
· Find history
· Memory dump files
· Registry streams
· Clipboard
· Recycle bin
· Temporary files
· Swap file
· Scandisk file defragement
· Windows installer temporary folder

2) Internet Explorer/MSN items including:
· Cache
· Browser history
· Cookies
· Typed URLs
· index.dat files
· Auto complete forms data and password
· Download file history

3) Opera items including:
· Cache
· Typed URLs
· History windows sessions
· Cookies
· Auto complete forms data and password

4) FireFox items including:
· Cache
· Cookies
· Typed URLs
· Auto complete forms data and password

Supports popular browsers – Rubbish Eraser supports popular browser such as Internet Explorer, MSN Explorer, AOL Explorer, Firefox, Opera and more. You only need to click one button and all activities on your computer will be deleted. It’s simple and easy.

Security Your hard-disk free space – Do you know the delete action and empty recycle bin action does not really delete your files? Recover tool can recover the deleted file.

Rubbish Eraser will really delete your files from your computer, completely implements and exceeds the US Department of Defense DOD 5220.22-M and NSA clearing and sanitizing standard. Your file and data can not be recovered after security disk free space action.

Plug-Ins – Rubbish Eraser offer more than 200 free plug-ins, these plug-ins will supports most popular softwares. You also can use the plug-ins tool to make your own plug-ins.

Schedule – Rubbish Eraser will clean your system automatically by scheduler, you can set the scheduler easily.

Program Files – Manage your “Program Files” Folder, this option will list the program folder in “Program Files” folder with size. Some program can not complete delete from your hard-disk after uninstall action, you can delete the unused folder by using this option.


· 20 day trial

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