SafePC Keylogger Monitoring Security for Windows

Real-time protection against all types of unauthorized monitoring programs
SafePC secures computer to prevent unauthorized programs, which can be Spy-ware, Virus, Trojan or ad-ware, from executing.

It scans all running programs and displays the spying capabilities of the programs. All unauthorized programs are terminated and pop-up an alerts message about the program and it spying capabilities.

SafePC real-time scanning protects your privacy and confidential information from hackers.


1) Real-time scanning of spying capabilities for active programs. Currently, SafePC can scan for screen capture, key logging and files directory scanning. It will display the capabilities on the type column. For unauthorized process, it will show the spying capabilities with the alert message, if any. – SafePC artificer intelligent (AI) is able to detect customizes spy-ware, new spy-ware, hidden spy-ware and self mutate spy-ware.

2) Real-time secureing PC against unauthorized programs, which can be virus, Trojans, ad-ware or spyware, from executing. It also checks if the authorized programs have been modified. When a program executed, SafePC will verify if it is authorized and not been modified. If it is not authorized or been modified, SafePC will terminate the process and alert the user.

3) Real-time monitoring windows start up registry changes. Virus, Trojans, ad-ware or spyware like to add itself to the start up registry so that it can be activated every time the PC is turn on. SafePC detect changes in the windows start registry and prompt the user for action.

4) SafePC also helps as follow.
a. In a local area network, even when a user accepted a virus as authorized programs, all others computer will be safe as it is secured by SafePC. Hence, SafePC help to prevent the virus from spreading.

b. With SafePC, administrator is able to control the software being installed and run on each individual PC. It helps to ensure that only license software is being used. It also prevent user from installing network games which may halt the company local area network.

c. Parent can use SafePC to control program access by their child. It can prevent their children from access certain program like irc program and so on.

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